Victoria Jackson Always Dreamed of Living on Top of a Mountain


You bought a house. Where's the house, Vicky? It's nearby on the top of a mountain that I've always dreamed on living on the top of a mountain. And the first time I had to give up my lookout mountain Laurel canyon house to marry my current husband and go always putting him down on the air. And I think that's biblical. I think that's, I think you're right to do that. It's not indicative of some kind of a jezebel spirit as some might say. I think it's perfectly biblical. Please continue to drip like water. Go ahead. I'm not putting down. I'm saying that I gave up my house on the mountaintop for him. And then I had another house on that mountain in actin, California. In 2010, and I had to give that up because my daughter wanted to move back to my home. This is my third attempt of living in the top of a mountain. And I got it. Thank you, lord. I'm so excited. There's only one problem. My husband won't move there. You know, I was going to ask that question as a joke because I thought that's kind of a good joke question to ask Victoria. You're moving to this house. You got this house. Is your husband moving with you? And sure enough, you're telling me he doesn't want to. That's our marriage. But wait a second, Vicky. What right do you have to cavalierly unilaterally make some decision? I'm going to buy a house. And we're going, this is the kind of thing couples typically do together. Well, there's because he said to me, I didn't spend my inheritance on anything I want. So I got his permission. He said, you can buy anything you want. But if you buy that house, I'm not gonna move there. And I said, maybe that's a good idea.

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