James O'Keefe Discusses His New Book 'American Muckraker'


Folks I'm talking to James O'Keefe, the new book is American muckraker, congratulations on the book, James. It's important that people understand who you are and where you're coming from and that you're fighting for them, whether they know you are not, but they should know you and they should help support you by buying the book. We're doing what they can. Thank you, Eric. It's a good read. It took me 5 years to write this book. 700, 800 footnotes in it, and I really, I really tried to really get into all the research about ethics and deception and privacy. This issue of privacy, Twitter recently, as a policy now that you can't post a video that's a nonconsensual recording, which is an absurd argument if you think about it because we believe the video camera, the hidden camera is an extension of the pencil and paper. It's more accurate depiction of a conversation that you're having with someone. So these are really nuanced issues and we've never lost a lawsuit. There's another chapter in this book called litigation, talks about the discovery process of a lawsuit. We sued The New York Times for defamation, got past motion to dismiss this past year and The New York Times admitted in court. They got the facts wrong, but they still would not correct the article. So oftentimes you have this dynamic where they are afraid of discovery. They are afraid of transparency. We the people do have to behave so ethically that we have to behave like we're always being watched and we that's our cross to bear. And that is our responsibility. This book talks about that

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