Jan. 6 rioter who carried spear, wore horns, draws 41 months


A January sixth writer whose horn for hat bare chested red white blue face paint made him one of the more recognizable figures in the assault on the capital has been sentenced to forty one months in prison prosecutors say Jacob chance Lee was the public face of the capital riot he's not accused of violence but he was one of the first enter the building holding a spear tipped flag pole it's one of the longer sentences among six hundred and fifty people charged in the capital six riot chance Lee pleaded guilty to a felony charge of obstructing an official proceeding U. S. district judge Royce Lamberth said his remorse appeared to be genuine but noted the seriousness of his actions his lawyer Albert Watkins said his client is in dire need of mental health treatment his focus is on what do I need to do to commence the healing process Jennifer king Washington

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