Mike Gallagher Shares His Appreciation for Joey Hudson


Them. And Joey Hudson did a great job Friday filling in. Thank you, Joey. Everybody loves Joey Hudson. I get so tired. Always so nice, Mike. He's so polite and you're so mean. He is a great guy and he's a dear friend and a lot of our friends call us Batman and Robin. He's my business manager. He's my absolute confidant and adviser and just I've got quite a history with him. In fact, I've shared this with you before, but I don't mind repeating it that a couple of weeks before my Denise passed away. She said to him, when this happens, my guy's going to need somebody to help him. He has never balanced a checkbook. He's going to be in a cardboard box, and so all those years ago, because Joey was there that whole process with hospice and the funeral home and everything. I don't know what I would have done without Joey. That's the kind of friend he is. And my Denise adored him. I mean, we just love Joey and peg Hudson and on the subject of the hudsons for just a moment. Peg Hudson has been in my life with Joey for about. I was trying to figure this out nearly 30 years. And they have been with me through thick and through thin.

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