Brian Flores Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against NFL


Most interesting story of the afternoon was Brian Flores. Late last afternoon on the West Coast. It's early evening on the east coast. I'm starting to do my show prep, and I see Brian Flores, who was head coach of the Miami Dolphins for a couple of years, has just unloaded on the NFL. Alleging discrimination against black coaches. And he shot at the NFL and his complaint, and he hit it, but he really took out Bill Belichick. Because Bill Belichick thought he was texting somebody other than Brian Flores. And he was texting, I think Brian did all telling him. Hey, the fix is in. Don't worry, there's the paraphrase I don't have in front of me. Don't worry, Brian, you've got this job, you're gonna get this job. They told me you've got the job. Good for you. You're gonna do great with a giant Brian Florence was in the about to head off to interview at New York Giants land. He had to go through a charade because of the Rooney rule. The Rooney rule requires that you hire at least one African American. You interview at least one African American for every opening for GM and head coach. I think that's the Rooney rule. Now the browns have actually lived by the Rooney rule. They had Hugh Jackson as their head coach. They got the amazing Andrew Barry, who's maybe the best GM in football, both black men who are great professionals. You didn't do so well. But but you can't pretend. And I think Brian Flores, we've got to payday

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