Attorney: No more `Black pastors' in court for Arbery case


The lawyer for one of three white men accused in the murder of a black man in Glynn county Georgia makes a shocking request during the trial into Brunswick Georgia courtroom Thursday attorney Kevin Goff's done the court we don't want any more black pastors come here during that time the jury was out of the room Goff objected to the Reverend al Sharpton's presence during Wednesday's session of the trial of his client William Roddy Brian and father and son Greg and Travis McMichael the three are charged with murder and other crimes in the February twenty twenty shot gun shooting death of twenty five year old black man about armory in their neighborhood bring high profile members of the African American community into the court room to sit with family during the trial in the presence of the jury I believe that's intimidating that sound from court TV Gough admitted he didn't know until later Sharpton had been at the trial the judge rejected his request I'm Tim acquire

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