Sydney Watson Comments About Mark McGowan Translating English to English


So what is going on in your home country of Australia We're going to play a video at some point later in the show of a MP over there I don't even remember his name Mark something or whatever Mark McGowan and you saw it and he's doing a public service announcement and Sydney he translates English into English with an Aboriginal translator What is going on What happened to this wonderful country Why is it turning into a police state Okay so I think the first thing that a lot of Americans seem to think is that Aussies have an always will be like America and the reality is that I'm not surprised by anything that we're seeing back home at the moment The video that you're referring to I saw that as well And it was just it's so tragic And so I'm glad you're going to play it because it's humiliating I think for a lot of us And for people who don't know the Aboriginal population I think there's fewer than 1% of the population or Aboriginal but they do have their own little dialect And they also have their own languages and what have you but this video is just disgusting And it's kind of soaking too because aboriginals understand English They're not you know it's not like they have mental problems and they don't know what we're saying So this is really bad But insofar as what's going on to Shelley go to remember that it is a Commonwealth country it's based around English common law and things like that So a lot of what's going on is predicated on the fact that all these are not super stoked with the idea of freedom In fact they value security over freedom That's just something that people have to remember

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