A highlight from #248: Roll to Win Craps Concerns


Hi, everybody. Welcome to you can bet on that a podcast for the recreational gambler. My name is Mark deval and sitting across from me as doctor Mike. Hello. Happy new year, Mike. Got any resolutions gambling resolutions or plans for this year? No, I'm just hoping I make it till the end. Oh, good for you. I'm hoping for that too. That's about as far in the future as I can see. Well, I had a really good year 2021, so all I can hope for is just as good, although I doubt that's going to happen. I definitely had some good luck this last year. You know, I went up to the casino yesterday just by myself, and of course everybody was asking about you. And Jeremy was the dealer on my side of the table for most of the time we were there. And we were both speculating on how you would be doing at that table. You know, if you were there. And we both agreed that you would have been doing pretty poorly because I mean the dice were cold, but also that you have a lot of action on the come out role, prop bits kind of nothing was hitting. You know, hard ways weren't repeating. It was just nothing at all. So you should be glad you didn't go up there. But Mark, you can say that about 98% of the time. Good thing you didn't go to the casino. Jeremy, you know, at the end Jeremy said, boy, you guys really bet differently. You know, I thought, well, yeah, we do. I mean, it is quite a bit different on the table, but we play how we like to play. We encourage people to do that too. Whatever is fun. Whatever makes it the most fun at the table. All right, well, a new year here, right after Christmas, I went to hamil casino with my sister and mother. It's kind of a yearly tradition the week between Christmas and new year's. We try to hit one of the local casinos. Your mother likes to play. Oh yeah, oh God, she loves to get out and she loves to play the slots. That's what we went for mainly slot play, which was terrible, of course. Right. That's not a big casino, either. There's not a lot of it's not that big. I kind of like that in a way though. Yeah. But you're right. It's like, oh, let's go to some other location. You know, maybe change our luck, but there aren't too many not out there. But we played a wheel of fortune machine and you know, we hit the spin a couple times, but then it just landed on the minimum. You know, that goes right. You think, oh, I gotta spin and then it's the minimum. Right, you know, you win less than you would if you'd lined up three good things. Right. Right. That's always depressing. But we ate there at the Tony Gwynn sports pub, which is a second time eating there and my mom loves it there. She gets short ribs there, which is very good. It's a good location. They have big screens, really the only thing. This was like a Wednesday afternoon. So the only thing on the screen was like Premier League soccer, but you know, it was still, it's a good atmosphere there. Do you think they use his name and paid money to his family? They have do you think it's owned by his family? Oh, I see what you're saying. That's a good question. I assume that they pay him. I don't think it's owned by the family. think I'm speculating here. I don't mean. Yeah, but I mean, yeah, his family here obviously getting something out of it because his name's everywhere and stats and all sorts of things. Maybe three short ribs maybe ages. Here's your weekly shipment. Could we get money instead? I mean, I take the short ribs in today's world. It's like currency. Speaking, this is totally off topic. All right. But I'm watching World Series of poker event, you know, they've been playing them on TV. Yeah. And one of the guys said that if he won the event, he was going to take half the winnings and by Bitcoin. Okay, he was going to take one fourth of the winnings and buy alcohol and women. Buy alcohol and women, okay. And the other quarter of the winnings he was just gonna blow.

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