Georgia officer testifies he was going to give Arbery a trespass warning


Hi Mike Rossi reporting a police officer testifies Ahmad our brewery would have received a trespass warning had he not been fatally shot at the Georgia trial of three men facing murder and other charges in the fatal shooting of a mod armory a police officer testified Friday he planned to give arboreta trespass warning for repeatedly entering a home under construction if you ever come back on this property for any reason whatsoever uninvited you are automatically be arrested for trespassing Wynn County police officer Robert rash testified he had spoken with the house's owner who it said video showing armory in the home site several times on February twenty third twenty twenty father and son Greg and Travis Mike Michael armed themselves and pursued armory in a truck after he ran past their home five doors down from the construction site neighbor William Roddy Brian joined the chase and took cellphone video that included Travis McMichael shooting armory three times with a shot gun defense attorneys argue the three men suspected armory was a burglar and we're trying to hold him for police hi

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