Judge rejects effort by Trump to toss Jan. 6 lawsuits


A federal judge has rejected former president Donald trump's efforts to toss out lawsuits claiming his actions led to the January sixth twenty twenty one insurrection at the U. S. capitol I'm Ben Thomas with the latest two capitol police officers and democratic congressman Eric Swalwell filed a lawsuit arguing that then president his son Donald Trump junior and attorney Rudy Giuliani made false and incendiary allegations of fraud and theft in in direct response to trump's express calls for violence a pilot mob attacked the U. S. capitol U. S. District Court judge Amit Mehta dismissed the charges against the younger trump and Giuliani saying their speech was protected by the first amendment but he said the former president's remarks were plausibly words of incitement not protected he added only in the most extraordinary circumstances would a president's speech not be protected but this is that case Ben Thomas Washington

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