A highlight from #198 Brandon Shack-Harris: Two-Time WSOP Gold Bracelet Winner w/ 3.5 Live MTT Cashes


In live MTT's and is one of the coolest and most genuine humans I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know Brandon Shaq Harris. So I have a new year's lesson I want to share with you before you dive into today's episode. I took some time off from my usual slate of podcast throughout the holidays and recorded just a handful of episodes. Around mid December when this conversation was originally recorded, my burning desire for cranking out tons of weekly episodes was starting to wane. The story I told myself was that the CPG wolf project needed most of my waking energy and anything that took away from that was an unnecessary distraction. And I believe that story right up until the moment I pressed record with Brandon Jack Harris. As I found myself feeling fully present and totally immersed in his story, I was reminded of the core reason why CPG is my passion project. Having conversations with folks like Brandon makes me feel more alive, lights me up on the inside and genuinely makes my day. And so before you hear the story about the time Brandon was almost a member of the band muse, the unanticipated way his poker journey began or the counterintuitive method he uses to improve his poker skills. I just wanted to share with you that lesson. Remember to make time in your life to do the things that make you feel alive inside, even if your brain and central nervous system push back. Life's too short and precious to do anything otherwise. So now, without any further ado, I bring to you an amazing poker player and even more amazing human being, the great Brandon shack Harris. Brandon, welcome to chasing poker greatness sir. How you doing man? Doing good, a little sleepy, a little sore. Little sore. Well, we saw from. Getting my high speed every day in Muay Thai trying to get my cardio back to speed and get where I get back to where I was before World Series started. So kind of overdoing it. My ribs are really Bruce today. I like their fucked up from kicking and being kicked and took the tooth. I lost my I lost my mouth guard having a new one. Molded, but I get off easy. So little damage, but nothing like, I have a good enough overbite that it kind of hides the chip. So things are working out, all right. Yeah, so you're okay. Yeah, I certainly want to get into the training aspect of your journey because I know that you visited TriStar gym in your time in Canada and being a big MMA fan that is the gym that I don't know if GSP still trains there, but I know that he did train there on a regular basis for a long time. Yeah. I mean, at the time he had falling out with UFC and was on hiatus, but the guys in the gym had made it pretty clear that he was looking to continue to compete that he was just, he was overwhelmed by a bunch of stuff. I didn't know him personally. This is what I heard. He was just overwhelmed by a bunch of things. And a lot of lack of flexibility I think within the UFC and just kind of like went away for a bit. So he wasn't around when I was around. There was a guy named David loiseau who. I don't want to mess up his credentials or whatever. But he's really old school and he was one of his training partners. And your friend at him a little bit until I overstepped my boundaries. Trying to offer some criticism that was unwarranted, but like, I don't know, whatever. Some people, you know, some people are, I hadn't really established my position as Jim yet. But we were talking a lot and talking about theory a lot or whatever, and then he was talking about how he was taking his comeback seriously because he had been out for a bit and he was doing some sparring. I guess maybe Joe being sparring or whatever and I offered a reminder and he didn't appreciate everyone. Fuck this one up. So it was a fun time there. It was like I was there and January. I moved to Montreal after Black Friday happened. I was staying with Martin bradstreet. Who was magic ninja online like epic plo guy? And now he's like immersed in the VR space. He was one of the guys on that documentary documentary with Daniel Anderson and Martin and that talked about Black Friday. I don't. Okay. Yeah, I don't think that was ever on my radar for some reason. Oh man, it's like we're going to take my time to. But you think of it at some point in the conversation. I'm sure. Yeah. So I moved up there to give online poker a shot after Black Friday. Having but it was fucking freezing. I got from Chicago, Chicago was cold, but Montreal is blistering. So traveling in the snow to try star and their bags are like granite, they have like duct tape around all their heavy bags. So it's like taking a slab of bricks and then they're floors are like the slate. And my feet are pretty conditioned. Then you turn your feet a lot when you kick, and as soon as I turn my feet on this slab, the whole bottom of my feet ripped off and it's just like blood everywhere. It's pretty gnarly. It was interesting time. Yeah, all that stuff is by design. Yeah, it's gotta be. Soft for us. I don't do much ground stuff, so it didn't work with him. He just told me to clean up the blood. It's kind of a big time interaction. Oh, yeah. There was some of the some of the guys from the UFC what's it called the Ultimate Fighter? Yeah, yeah, The Ultimate Fighter that they were there. And I asked if this was normal. And one of the guys was like, yeah, you got bitch feet. So yeah, I think by design my place pretty quickly. Typically like gyms are very welcoming and I feel like I wasn't interested in the idea of fighting ever. I'm not a violent person and I join one because I was just getting some weight playing online pokers before I played live. One opened up across the street. And I really started enjoying the theory of it. The more limbs you incorporate the more that applies. When you say theory, like what do you mean by that as it relates to training? Well, okay, there are a lot of parallels when it comes to poker and fighting, really. And poker, okay. I don't want to get super tangential, but balance is a very important thing. You have to make sure in poker you have your ranges and they need to be they need to look nice and then you have your bed sizing, which needs to be like uniform. It's the same thing with fighting, like your punches come from the same place. It's called chambering your punches in with your kicks. For the most part, they look a unit they're aware, your arms and your legs are positioned before you either puncture kick. They look very uniform, and they need to be in a specific position in order to generate the most force. So everything's very balanced that way. And

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