Who Is Christopher Cole? FDA Exec Caught on Project Veritas Camera


65, Christopher Cole says how the approval process for emergency use is less stringent and he admits that COVID is not a risk for the young age groups because it's under COVID, they're able to because it's under the emergency approval process. I just want to stop. I want to give our team credit. Our whole research team. We have been saying this for months and slandered. By the dishonest hacks in the media for spewing anti vaccine propaganda for saying what now the FDA executive director is saying on private camera. Play cut 65. It's an EUA for all these groups all designations. And then you have to get approved by a specific entry space on a study. Do you think it's really an emergency for the toddlers? Well, they're all improved on our emergency efficacy data doesn't have to be as high. His standard is authorization is that it does more benefit than harm. I thought their cases weren't that high. For 6 months to four year olds. They're not, but because it's related to COVID, it's under that approval process. Now I know what you're thinking, how does James O'Keefe keep on getting these guys on camera? CNN, Pfizer and all this. Well, if you were listening to that video carefully, I don't think you should be that surprised. That was probably an attractive woman working for project veritas in a, let's say alcohol filled environment going out to dinner with an aging, old man in power, it's like James O'Keefe read the KGB playbook. And honestly, I love it. What this individual said very clearly, the FDA Christopher Cole was his name, was he said the approval process for emergency use is much less stringent and he admits that COVID is not even a risk. So if you put together

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