Brandon Tatum: 'These Police Brutality Situations Are One-Offs'


Yeah, so since all the Floyd stuff, which you came out really strong and you deserve to be credit for that, you were super courageous on that. You know, we've seen murder rates go up dramatically across the country. It's been the fluid effect, basically. With that one incident, now we see inner cities more dangerous than ever. Even Phoenix is having an increase in crime. And this goes to show that bad ideas in this war on police is not just, it's not just something that should be refuted, but it's actually making America more dangerous. Right. And I think that's what anything. You know, these bad ideas from people who don't come from a good, you know, I would say godly place. They don't come from a good place of moral character and love for a country. They create these ideas to get votes and then they leave you at the drive. I mean, like I said, you know, when you look at George Floyd, you know, perspective of reality, that's a one off, even in that particular city. That's a one off. You can not find another case that a black man has been put in that situation similar to George Floyd. I can tell you why God, that nobody will ever cover Tony. Nobody would ever cover that. However, it's a one off. And these police brutality situations are one offs. You know, police patrol, you know, they have contact with all 300 million people a year. There's no research. There's no study that. Can suggest that their disproportionately affecting black people. And so with this one off, they completely destroyed the reputation of law enforcement in America and is making almost communities

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