Stolen Vehicles (MM #3856)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. Over the last couple of years, Nashville has seen a huge increase in stolen vehicles, where a growing city where the it city so an increase in stolen vehicles shouldn't be surprising. But that's not the part of it that surprises me most. The part I'm surprised with is how many people steal vehicles with small children strapped into baby seats in the back seat. So basically people are stealing vehicles with a child on board. It happened last week at a local Kroger store, a set of parents were shopping inside and had left the car running with the child strapped in outside the parking lot. Now that's just beyond boggling to me and I don't understand it, but it's not the first time anything like that has happened. Happens to gas stations all the time. People stop for gas or stop to go get cigarettes or whatever they're doing at the convenience store. Don't lock their doors, leave their car running and leave a baby in the back. It's not just stolen vehicles. It becomes stolen children. The good news so far, every one of those vehicles stolen has later been found with the child inside and the child okay. Very strange

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