A highlight from When Calls the Heart - S05E01 - The Christmas Wishing Tree

Deck The Hallmark


Boy oh gosh i can't. I can't even believe it man. After this episode we will officially halfway. W o feels like. It's been a lifetime man that'd just flew by by the good news though is by the time we get done with when calls the heart more. Yeah shut up you shut up right now you can go into this and then we can go to the wind. Hope calls universal. No no no. No no can't bring no brandon. Oh i don't know if he has heard this or not. The good thing about panda is is that if you give him one episode he'll turn on if you listen one morsel. Just listing dangle. In front of me. I am not the morsel. The marshall keep going. I will say this. The christmas wishing tree boy. That's done a morsel. I don't know what is we'll talk about it. Remember the last movie where the guy was like old prospector. Agitator bit old prospector. All interstates baseball takes all prospectors. Santa is just like was just pure. Seems like it's been a decade since we've seen early over three months right has been twelve plus at twelve weeks so three months. Is this their second christmas. Remember the stupid things mood rings bracelets and the beads nicholson dimes. Yours and mine cash. All your dreams don't dream for me laundering for me. Do you guys remember the episode yesterday when we ended with that. Weird improv. yeah. I just got a poll oak. Seventeen people said they loved out of that. That number's here's an is important for me to do another one of those dumb bits. I'm gonna have to. We're going to have to get a dozen emails dozen actual emails dozen emails to hallo at the homework dot com saying that you liked the women. Problem brand gave the boys improv. All basically the same every time he gives them in every time we do it. We're on a plane or firemen going to the problem. It's the same bit doesn't matter we talk. And then i find a way to serve him up to line and he did he delivers. That's what happens. Every time our improv. I will say cash. We've had a lot of practice with a shame. Is based off of some of the improv. I have seen locally. This is still unfortunately. this is a bad. I've not listened this a terrible. We're bad yes we're robot. Yeah that's somehow probably probably probably cracking the top three. Yes and we're the best improv in the city if anybody's listening locally that goes down to coffee underground and they're just like wait a minute just just tries to hone their chops the tug on here scenario for you. We're the whole pro bit man. I i will say this. The tough part about coffee. Underground improv is. There's always one person that's clearly better than yes. And and they're trying their own batch play. It's good to go watch it around here with you joke over here just doing the heavy lifted. i'm like atlas shrugging left and right they're everywhere from drought. So you're under the impression that you make our show on my shoulder. You think you our show. Mutt is curled up in. Hit the world on the ends. That's a massive. Must big tom rig to to be clear wrigley now. In this case you are. Big rig was a mack truck on a train. See you'll get that with you. Knuckle yours say that you say there's a a mack truck on a choo choo train makes the show. But i had to explain it because you too dumb rigs always full bits. Bits despair in this case. What is your big ma paying. I i i walked right into it. I walked into it. That's that is on me. i don't know. Hey guys yes. One talk about the christmas wishing. I can't wait the christmas wishing tree. I wish the wind calls the heart. Christmas episode originally on on december twenty fifth christmas night. Wow with a family unit. Gather everybody around open presents. Say pipe down. Jack might becoming back. Tommy go the waltons watching win. Cold either pipe town or go to bed. Murray's got c. See that gave me feeling. How weirdness with wakeup benedict cumberbatch is the same feeling. I just got now when mommy's going to see jack jack either. Pipe down or go to bed or go to bed. Twenty december twenty fifth twenty. Seventeen thousand seven thought. You could outbid say this. Bill say he will be. I considered for a second skipping over the year and diving ryan okay. But i didn't do that because the last time we will be seeing. Betty has been by good. But he's been he's also gotten progressively sasser few words. You're you're you're of like covert we. We always think we you. And there's another spike nurse. Betty lord i if your words this has been believe they can take your clearer sparkle

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