Constitutional Carry Is Now Law in 21 States


And what's your hottest Second Amendment story right now, cam? Well, I think right now it's the upcoming Supreme Court case. New York State rifle and pistol association versus Bruin, which is going to address the question of whether the right to bear arms actually means anything like the right to keep arms does the Supreme Court answer the question about whether or not we have the right to keep arms in 2008 is the Heller decision, which struck down D.C.'s ban on handguns. And now they're going to be weighing in on the right to carry. They're taking on New York's carry law. So oral arguments are coming up. November 3rd and I'd say as we're getting ready for that to take place, there's a lot of anticipation. That's probably the biggest story out right there right now. And I think that this is a very interesting development because you've got blue states now that are trying to restrict carry more than more than maybe they were in the past. And at the same time, you've got largely red states going the other direction with constitutional carry Texas. Just a month ago became a constitutional carry state. And I believe that that's 26 states. Am I correct on that 26 states? I don't know constitutional carry? I never did 21, 21. I wish we had crossed that halfway point of more than half the country was a constitutional period. Probably going to take another couple of years to get there. But yes, I mean, it is incredible now because just even a decade ago, I think there's a handful of states that said if you can legally own a gun you can legally carry it. Now well over two dozen, there are 42 states that say if you pass a background check and you have undergone your required training, we shall issue UA concealed carry license, but New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, a couple of other states. They have a different view. You can pass the training. You can pass a background check. You can provide the character references that you have to provide in some cases. And still, you can be denied your concealed carry license because you haven't demonstrated a good cause to carry a God. Justifiable need to protect yourself in public. And really, that's the that's the question that's presented to the quarter right now is whether or not these sort of May issue policy that deprived the average American of their ability to bear arms, whether or not these laws are constitutional.

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