Dan Bongino Has a New Warning For Companies That Work With Nandini Jammi


The chief of the village of idiots the captain the oligarch of the dumb a woman named nandini jami who is just spends her whole life in a basement somewhere I don't know what she's doing if she's paying rent pays mom or dad I don't know She spends her whole life canceling people from her Twitter account So as I've told her often I beg her to boycott my show and everything every single time because my entire life's about fighting these people back and I had nothing more I like to do than expose these idiots for the communists they really are So nandini has decided to pick a fight with Andy no a site He was associated with the post millennial Andy know who happens to be an Asian gay liberal by the way but AMD know has taken upon himself to expose antifa And of course nandini supports antifa obviously doesn't like that So it's getting most of his psychic hands I don't know if you saw this story but nandini's gone after his sight to post millennial Again so let me just send a warning to the cancelers out there Turn up your radios and listen real good This is for everyone out there I've got a radio show in over 300 stations I've got the second most popular conservative podcast in the country Self praise thinks that's not a brag That's a simple fact Read it and weep Got a show on a cable news channel and one of the most popular Facebook pages around It is asymmetric warfare Bandini has a small infinitesimal following So I'm going to tell you right now I'm watching everything she does Every company she reaches out to that cooperates with nandini and engages in communist tactics I have a microphone and a megaphone a thousand times if not more larger than hers For every company that cooperates like that glasses company RV Parker that caved That caved I will expose you and I will make it my life's work to make sure working with nandini becomes so painful that anyone who even responds to one of her tweets will have to think about this show first

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