Former Georgia Rep. Doug Collins on Trump's Appeal and Biden's Weakness


Book, Doug Collins is with us former Republican congressman from Georgia on the subject of Donald Trump. This week, a quinnipiac poll came out showing that Donald Trump actually is more popular with registered voters than Joe Biden. One mainstream media outlet said, shock poll. Trump 41% favorability. Biden 40%. The only thing shocking is that anybody thought it was shocking. Yeah, but what do you expect? I mean, this is the media who's been obsessed with this. I mean, they have been in really what I almost say is a catatonic sit almost, except they're not laying prone and abandon where they're out actually screaming all the time since he came down the escalator to start with. Now, whether you know, again, no matter where you came from or where you started, Donald Trump has a way of connecting with the American people that it is still very prevalent in the poll is not shocking. When you have a president such as Joe Biden. I mean, just look at the contrast. President Trump, like I said, no matter what side of the fan she failed on. And for those of us who supported him, he would get, he would engage with the media he would fight back. He would give you his answers whether you liked or not. Joe Biden comes up reads a 7 minute statement. If he's going to take questions while I can't talk to you, or most of the time, though, the picture of this administration is him turning around and walking off without ever answering a question. There's no wonder. By the way, when people go to the gas bombs and at three and $4 gas when they see their shells in their grocery store with nothing on them when they see all of this going on inflation rising and they keep hearing this kind of elitism coming out of this White House. I'm surprised Joe Biden, frankly, you know what the shock pole for me is that it's 40%. No kidding. Yeah, I would think it would be about

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