'You Will Be Assimilated' Author David Goldman on China's Contempt for the U.S.


China is not an enemy. And I think that's important for people to clearly understand. China is a rising power, China has been a rising power since Deng Xiaoping in 79. And they are going to develop themselves in our developing themselves into a great power. That is not to say, however, that they are an enemy. They're not an enemy. They're just a great power. That's according to the chairman of the joint chiefs when he was speaking in his private capacity as chief of staff of the army. The NATO summit, maybe that explains a lot about Mark Billy. We'll discuss the realities of what China thinks they are to us and how they're eating our lunch with the man that we always rely upon to tell us about the geo strategic reality in Asia and in Beijing. He's the author of a fabulous work you must check out right now. It's you will be assimilated. China's plan to Sino form the world. David Goldman. Welcome to one on one. A sub gorka it is an honor and privilege to spend fine with you, sir. Thanks for the invitation. I just realized I'm looking at the cover of your book that the Chinese dragon has a pair of iPhone ear pods in. That's a very nice little touch there. I missed in the past. David, we'll talk about Millie. We'll talk about the truth of China Beijing. Xi Jinping and everything else. But first, I have to ask you. The imagery of these super cargo ships off the port of LA, the president of the United States saying, oh, no, don't worry about it. And then Jen Psaki saying, oh, that's a high class issue. People having the Christmas present. So that's, you know, the pipes don't worry about that. Let me ask you, let's think like the Chinese Communist Party for a moment. What does China think of the fact that America can't unload its cargo ships? The Chinese have contempt for us. They think they can take us. We just published an a four times an excerpt from a book by Chinese economist used to be the chief economist of the World Bank Chicago university PhD. Who says, look at history. Look at the United States versus England at the end of the 19th century. The English were lazy complacent and the United States come from behind, took them out and ate their lunch. That's exactly what we're going to do to the United States now. We've got the people. We've got the supply chains. We've got the technology. We've got the will to do it. America's lazy and feckless and their right for the

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