Jones, Barkley lead Giants past Saints, 27-21 in OT


The New York Giants won their first game of the season by defeating the New Orleans Saints twenty seven twenty one in overtime sick one Barkley six yard run on the first possession of OTC capped the big comeback for New York for us to come out here and finish the game in a tough environment goes a great defense and a great team input out means a lot and you know it is just is just start the things look like they were going to win their first game in their home stadium this season when they took a twenty one ten lead with twelve minutes remaining on Taysom hill's second touchdown run of the game with the giants came back on a fifty four yard touchdown pass to Barkley from doing the Johns and Johns is two point conversion run to make it twenty one eighteen then tied it at twenty one in Brampton I'll still go with two and a half minutes to play I'm Tom Mariam

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