Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff on America's First Openly Transgender Four-Star Admiral


She's none other than gunnery sergeant, UN United States Marine court Jesse Jane Duff, she worked on the Trump campaign co chair of veterans for Trump and also contributed a fellow colleague of mine on newsmax. Gunny, welcome to one on one. Thank you so much. I love your introductions. I get real big headed. Can't get me out of the studio after that. We will always stick to the truth. You are a gummy always a gunny. We've got to talk about what is happening in the last ten months to our services. As you know, the Marine Corps is especially close to my heart. I've worked with all the armed services but I spent two and a half years in Quantico. The latest breaking news item is we find it. I'm sure the Chinese are most impressed. I'm sure Vladimir Putin is quaking in his boots. We have a transgender admiral. Now thank the good lord, it's not in a real armed service. It's not in the coast guard or the navy. It's in the health corps, but put the footage up. This is what's his name Richard Levine, HHS, who has been made a quote unquote admiral in the health corps by the man who sadly bears the title commander in chief and president sleepy creepy Joe Biden. Jesse Jane, this disturbing turn of events, they're not going to keep this just to the health cor are they. Oh, absolutely not. For example, the national defense authorization act right now in Congress got passed. It has to go up to the Senate still. Got passed, though, that taxpayers would pay for transgender surgery. And vote for military members. Military members. So you could join the military. Now, here's something that a lot of people are not aware. The Trump administration did a year study on this under general Mattis, who was very open minded, maybe a little more so than many of us would have liked. For other issues such as women and ground combat, but getting back on this, general Mattis had this studied conducted and they came to find out that transgenders could join the military, but it would be after they've had the hormone treatment, the surgeries. And they were psychologically fit. So they were actually capable of doing the job. And there would be a 5, I believe it would be 5 years within the time that they are surgery. So that you knew that they had fully adjusted. We know that there are record breaking medical concerns among the transgender community for psychological issues, the what is it? What is it called gender dysphoria things to that effect? And I'm no expert on the topic. And I have no issue with the transgender being in the military, but I have a huge issue with the transgender who is using the military to be non

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