Political Commentator Jason Watters Describes New Book 'How I Saved the World'


Second Listen let me get right to your book because I loved it I was I got a copy got it early It talks about your time at Fox News from the beginning And listen I find this really hilarious I was looking through the book review It says that you divine quote great truths about the nature of our country while stumbling across beaches asking oblivious college students basic political questions Please if you could expound a bit on that Well one of the great truth I divine just by calling in within one second was because I have to cheat my wife when we have dinner reservations I have to say we have reservations at 7 when they're really at 7 30 But then they get kicked to that But then I've tried that with my wife but that may get hit to that stunt Then you have to back it down another ride No no really 6 30 I know that trick So tell it though tell us about the book It's a great book I found it hilarious Everything from the mom to eats to your time with man on the street interviews Really it's an interesting story of not just you but the whole media environment I know that the title of the book how I save the world is you know meant to be funny but it's a really interesting book So yeah so I used to be dispatched to all of these liberal precincts all across the country New beaches San Francisco Washington D.C. spring break And I would interview liberals in their natural habitat And what I found was that they are very insecure people whose lives lack meaning And in order to make up for that lack of meaning they project all of their insecurities onto the rest of us And they do that through control They do that through controlled and they do that through division And that's just in order to assuage their guilt and so they have someone to blame Because deep down Dan you know they believe this country was founded on inequality and racism And they need to be able to make up for that So they need to just demolish the country And they need to be in charge of remaking the country in a way that they see as just and fair Is it just and fair No of course not It's the same thing that's happening in Cuba You give up a little bit of your freedom in exchange for a life of comfort but it never works out all they do is control you and they dominate you And they try to just get into all of your life's little secrets and just nag the hell out of you until you say okay enough already And that's what they're doing right now They're just nagging us to death And enough is enough Sometimes you just have to act like a parent you're a parent You just say no Knock it off We're not doing this anymore And that's what this country lacks a little bit of a

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