A highlight from PSG Sink Against Man City



Marano with us as well to give us a French perspective on things, but Craig. I feel a run coming on, not from me. Well, I tell you what. We are starting some bad languages used from Jules. Well, and then we have to apologize for everyone working on this show. How frustrated he was with the performance from PSC. That was embarrassing. Well, it's language. We can not condone any sorry, but no, but I tell you what, this is not. This happened over the two games. Right. The game in Paris, papered over the slightly papered over the cracks. Mine said he completely played them in Paris. Message called that won the goal. I can't remember the other go in the game, but the one Turner was a travesty. It kind of felt after the took the lead. It was going to happen again. But there was so bad tonight that the only thing said it could be an interesting and banging head and well, how do we not score four or 5 goals? It was men against boys. It looked like a team an average team in the Premier League. Going to Manchester not a lot of the ball. And on top of that, the what rate? I mean, it's just I'm sorry. But that is something really, really wrong at that place at the moment. Go on Joe's. I don't even know where to start. I mean, I agree with Craig. This was not good enough. I think he shows the gap between PSG and city, but not just PhD and city. I think you could have put Liverpool or buy in or Chelsea instead of city and we would have had the same kind of game. Right now, that team can not compete because your front three don't run down defense. Your exposed your manager right now is has his mind somewhere else for sure, but he's not even doing enough

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