Analyzing the New 'Trial of the Century' With Alan Dershowitz


With us right now, is Alan Dershowitz who I don't think needs no introduction and does a great job on a variety of different topics and we've had Allen on the show before. Professor Dershowitz, thank you so much for joining the program. My question is what's your take on the Kyle rittenhouse drama and kind of I read an article that said, you believe he should be acquitted, please, the floor is yours. Well, not only do I think he should be acquitted, but I don't think he got a fair trial, whether he's acquitted or convicted. The media has put not a thumb on the scale, but an elbow on the scale. They have told everybody, particularly CNN, New Yorker magazine, MSNBC, they've already told the public, this guy is a white supremacist, a vigilante. He's no good. This will send a terrible, terrible message and a precedent. They have basically tried to take the self defense issue away from the jury and broaden the crime into him being there at all. He never should have been there, you never should have had a gun. He never should have confronted any of these other people. But that's not what he's charged with. He's charged with murdering two people and attempting to murder another. His defense is self defense. And the issue should be limited to the minutes leading up to the shootings and the moments after the shootings. And he should not be put on trial for his activities that whole day, whether we like or don't like what he did that whole day and I don't like it. I wish he hadn't commented, which he hadn't brought his gun. But that's not what he's on trial for. And so the jury has been distracted, I think, from the focus by the prosecution's case, and by the outside influences of the

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