So Many Alerts (MM #3894)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason I know I've talked about amber alerts before, and they're very important and very beneficial at times. But I found because we live in Tennessee and we have multiple interstates running through Nashville. It's almost like you lose track of these amber alerts because they're going off all the time. Here in Nashville, we've got three major interstates, north and south, you got interstate 65, northwest to southeast interstate 24, and then from west to east or east to west interstate 40. And that means a lot of drug trafficking, a lot of people trafficking and a lot of amber alerts. We'll get amber alerts maybe three or four times a week about things that are going on just north of the border in Kentucky, somewhere over in severe Bill or in Knoxville, or Chattanooga over on the east side of the state, and you can't keep track. You want to believe amber alerts are good things, but I'm afraid that if you get too many in one week, you just lose track of them. The potential for the system is great, but I think they've got to try something different or fix something to make it that much better. Because I'll be honest with you every time an amber alert goes off, I tend to tune out now because I just heard one. Sometimes hours earlier.

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