Should Church and Politics Mix?


Sometimes the accusation against Christians who are politically savvy and culturally involved is that you guys are crossing the line and, you know, keep church in the church. Keep hops out of the church. And you guys shouldn't mix the two. I mean, you know, we had candidate junkin came by last Sunday. And, you know, we welcomed him the sheriff was here. And it was faith in blue week. And I brought him up and honored him. And the sheriff's Facebook page lit up because people said, how dare he go into a church? He's an elected official, and the separation of church and state. Speak to that nonsense. Yeah. Sure. I injected my opinion there. No. No, I'm sorry. You let the questioner Gary, how are you? You love me in the right direction. So yeah, let's start with this. First of all, any Christian that says, you should not comment on politics. You shouldn't care what happens in government. They got to get a pair of scissors and cut out a lot of parts of their Bible. They have to cut out the parts of the Bible where God's people were trying to influence their secular government for his purpose. How about Esther, mordecai? Jeremiah. Joseph, just to name a few. Daniel that we're trying to influence secular government for God's purpose. It's all throughout the Old Testament that the people of God were trying to be counselors to the king.

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