Brian Kilmeade Explains Why He Wrote 'The President and The Freedom Fighter'


Well number one it's a relief to do a book like you and I have friends and you would have me on if I had something on the history of sewing We would have and that was really why I cared about it But that's to know And yet sad that the issues that I'm talking about in the 18 50s 1860s is still exist today Not to the degree it is but we're still talking about racial unrest We're talking about an equity We're talking about reparations We're talking about how to handle it how to equal the playing field without making it unlevel for either side and how much anger we should have And then we watch conduits to rise go to the view And at the same excuse me I keep in the segregated south I don't want to make white children feel bad or something they had nothing to do with I don't want black kids to feel like they're victims And please don't let you survive on segregation because you can go to a movie theater or sit in the front of a bus and she wants to play and be killed because they were black but she led this country as Secretary of State national security adviser sovietologist in this country in 8 to two presidents You can accomplish anything even if the playing field is an equal And even if there is something unjust and nobody personified that better than Frederick Douglass Dan whenever we're going through we weren't out going into savoring We did that We know our parents We know of birthday Even if our parents are bad what about having none What about not even knowing who your siblings were What about not having close into your 7 8 years old What about is it by the time you escape and find a way to get free and by hook and cook to learn to read and write within 7 years of getting your freedom right to your biography and becoming an international bestseller and soon a lecturer whose statue sit in Scotland Ireland Germany and England today So dude I'm not saying we can all be Frederick Douglas but please don't tell me your circumstances so bad Life isn't fair I will never achieve I will never offer also soft pedal We the original sin of America No one will And I don't want to I bring quotes not opinion

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