Ken Blackwell Shares How to Restore Voter Integrity


Let's focus on how we can best address some of the issues regarding voter integrity of what happened in 2020. I still think we need to fix 2020 and the sense of fix what went wrong in 2020 from the mail in ballots to the signature verification issues. What is the status of the election integrity fight? What is going well and where do we need to dedicate some more work? Before we in fact prescribe a fix, we have to get a deeper understanding of what went wrong. So let me just say it to you this way. In 2020, we had the perfect storm for chaos and confusion. If you go back a hundred years in 1918, we had the Spanish flu, the 1929 we had major economic disruption in 1968. We had valid across the country and our major cities and in 1974, we had the impeachment process associated with Richard Nixon in 2020, we had all of those things. And the Democrats have never missed an opportunity of chaos to advance an agenda. So what they did in 2020 was that they under the guise of relaxing because of COVID, they did away with a lot of the verification policies and practices that helped us understand their voters or who they claim to be. They also loosened the chain of custody of ballots. So as we approach, as we approach 2021, we, in fact, have to fix those things. We have to tighten the chain of custody. And that means that we can't fall victim of mass unsolicited mail in ballots. We can't allow private dollars like Zuckerberg put in play in 2020 in with a half a $1 billion in selected and targeted areas that discriminated against some voters because it allowed voter valid curing by some and not by others. And so we have to go in and we have to fix those things and we have to rebuild voter confidence in the

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