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You have kids who are under 5 years old. It is like you are at a lock in, but not a fun kind, like just an lock in with a family force 5 plane. Am I right now? Hello? Hello? Darryl welcome to deck the hallmark so nice to have you. Thank you. Thank you for having me. It's cool to be here. It's cool to have you here. We're big fans of deer hallmark. Tell everybody quickly or not quickly. I'm not in a hurry. I got nothing. We don't have training. We had to have a tight 90. This need to be a tight 90. 90 minutes. 90 minutes. We got a while. Dear hallmark tell us about it for the people at home that maybe don't know. Yeah, dear homework is a YouTube channel and it's a podcast. What started as a YouTube channel with just me reviewing the new releases turned into a podcast because once people caught on, they wanted to see what I thought about all the other movies within the hallmark history library a few months. With my podcast, I review a little bit of the oldies, but goodies, however, for the Christmas season I'm reviewing all of the new releases splitting it up between YouTube and podcasting, so that's the microwave version for you. And what's your what's your history with hallmark? How long have you been watching? A long time. I've been watching the Christmas movies for a long time, and then the seasonal movies were off and on until this year actually, when it became a thing when I started to reviewing them. And when I started reviewing them, and then I watched everyone that aired this year. So you your YouTube videos, you take on an entire movie and like ten to 15 minutes. And it's wonderful. Like I love how it's edited, it's really, really funny. What's that, I need to know as three guys who get in and literally you can attest to this, once you leave and have done our show, what you hear here, we just do it and then we go home and we just put it out there. And what you do is so succinct and just it feels just perfect. What's the process like? How long do you talk? How long do you talk versus what makes the YouTube? I literally it's one take. I just that's fantastic. And just say whatever I feel in my spirit and then put it out and such is life. I love it. I love it. That's the last the way it should be. Exactly. It feels that way to me. It's very pure, it feels that way to me. It doesn't feel like it's gimmicky. And I really appreciate that. Awesome, thank you. Thank you very much. And during the holiday season, we want to bring on some other hallmark podcasters, vloggers, et cetera that we think are doing cool things and the first one had to be dear home, because we think of it. Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you so much, and I'm a Newbie, you know? I just started last countdown to Christmas, so this is really cool. It's a big deal when people start asking you to do the old catalog. That's a big step. Was it awesome? Was it a pandemic project for you? Not necessarily. It was a, oh, I have the holidays free because normally I would be with busy with my church doing the church's Christmas production. And I wouldn't have time to watch any of the holidays, but because of the pandemic, I had time. And so I could watch the movies as they aired. And I thought, I wonder if anybody's reviewing any of these. So I just put it out there. So when you say how it took off. Tyler's the best, that guy. He's the homie, man. When you say doing the church's Christmas production, do you mean directing producing acting singing? What all are you doing for this church's Christmas production? Dancing. So I would help choreograph I would do rehearsals and then I would dance as well. That's awesome. A lot of dance numbers in the Christmas production. Indeed. I feel like I'm missing out. Yeah, one production we had four dance numbers. Wow. Any Christmas carols you're dancing to, that we would be familiar with? We did for king of countries, little drummer boy. You got me together. We did joy to the world. Yeah. We did. Then we did a random hill song song. And. Then I forgot the fourth one, but that was probably the most intense, because of the rehearsals. And I was leading all of the you did and one of your 5, 5. I don't like to brag. And you do a single act too. Yeah, it was crazy 'cause I did the entire nativity scene. I hate it for Dar that she came here with her four song choreography and you had 5. I don't wanna break it. And it is uncomfortable. You did the full nativity? The full nativity. You played all the parts. You were Joseph and Mary. Joseph Mary Jesus. Really quick. Give me shepherd. Welcome to the store. Give me wiseman number two. It was a gift for you. Which one? More. Give me Jesus. Backing up when he preaches. That's right. That's good. The dancing came in. Again, you could do all the voices when the dancing came in. I'm a little bit less convinced. I am or keep in time. But you were both of those at the same time. Is it a very heavily spotless show so you can only see the character of their wardrobe changes? Very fast. Yeah, man. I'm wearing layers. Man, I wish we were you slowly stripping in the nativity? Yeah. Different type of day. There's a little different adult nativity, full choreography striptease is what this is. And we have done it. We have done it here. It's Monday. Can we just save a little bit? Nobody from your churches. I hope nobody from your church is listening to this. Right. What a dark get herself into. That's right. Did that happen that that happened in the other Greenville? Oh, absolutely. Okay. I was hoping you were going to say no so that I could talk about all the cool things that are going on. But are you from Philadelphia? Is that what I am? Yeah, so you're from Philadelphia born right now. A lot of time on the playground or now. No, not really. But I am chilling out max and we're like, all right, okay. Good to know. Let's get to know you can do that without the playground. That's right. Yeah, that Greenville, crushing it. As you guys know, I went downtown, did you guys see it on social media? I did a dice on Maine, happening this Friday very excited about that. You can't skate quite yet, right? Yeah. I think you could try. You could go give it a go. Yeah, but I would prefer not to, but brew and everything. I saw a man is great. I love the answer. It's fantastic. And universally, y'all a lot of people have been asking about the holiday box. Coming this week. And it's coming this week, starting on Wednesday. I believe we will have a code for you to begin looking and getting those to get you have a code to look. Which is unbelievable. You did a code to first look at the other code to then per classic look code. The universal universal. Guys, are you ready to dive into what I believe is a gingerbread miracle the first movie of the week for us already? Yes. Let's do a little synopsis in case you missed it. In case you were at home on a Friday night and decided not to dive into the gingerbread miracle over on hallmark channel. It originally had on November 5th and it went a little something like this. You know this movie's about gingerbread immediately. Thanks to a gingerbread Peking Montage set to a Christmas bop. Maya moved into her parents house two years ago and still considers temporary need I say more. We mean Alex who is trying to get a head at work and his

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