A highlight from Week 9 Recap! James Conner Wins, Chiefs Offense Loses (11/07 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie heath venezia football today sunday night. Recap of week nine. Where josh allen. The defender outscore josh allen. The quarterback where jordan love outscored patrick mahomes where allies more outscore dj more and every other wide receiver going into sunday. Night football allies. You're more is wide receiver one in week nine week. Nine is not our favorite week. Fhu week died. Weird week Weird we terrible terrible. Terrible week there were. There were some entertaining games but it really felt like the worst week of the year. And i think it was because there was a lot of terrible quarterback play and it's not just the guys that you knew we're going to be bad like like jordan love or you know any of the other. You know backup types but also josh allen miserable patrick mahomes. Miserable cuyler murray. At least you knew the bench him. There is th. There was horrible. Horrible quarterback play throughout much of week. Nine yeah except for thursday night. He's looks pissed at week. Nine you know in years past week like this happened. Who am i kidding. I'm not sure week like this has ever really happened. I i might come on a little bit salty. Because i lost more than i won because both of my remaining undefeated teams are in serious jeopardy because patrick mahomes apparently no longer good at football gonna try to just be a positive person and i think i just had a really good tweet in promoting this show and so i. I'm just gonna try to focus on the positives this week and not get too down. Congratulations adam on your just blowout. Victory to qb league. I started patrick. Mahomes and jordan love. That worked out. Well dave taking me down taking down the first place team and the auction or auction league Congratulations on that victory. And i'm just going to try to be strong. thank you. He said you know what. I'm gonna let you continue that with the biggest winner of the biggest wieder. Ll well. i think one of the reasons why we feel so bad. honestly it's because the jaguars beat the bills and it's just it was honestly maybe my favorite part of week nine but maybe my favorite thing that happened in week nine was the joy on the faces of those jags but it was kind of what happened in most of my fantasy leagues. Like every league where i had a good team. I was the bills facing jackson. And i lost all right. So who's the biggest winner this week. That urban meyer. I think i sent in was everyone who faced me but honestly my biggest winner was probably devante freeman because coming out of the by he was pretty clearly the lead back and for most of the game. We did see a little bit of tyson williams but mostly just place where they didn't want the running back touch the ball. Tom devante freeman was relieved back and it was a to back committee with him and lake on bell. Who also didn't look bad. I think thirteen carries three targets for freeman if that hold steady and if the baltimore ravens season tells us anything. It's that we shouldn't make too much of week. But if that holds steady then freeman is a borderline top twenty five running back rest of season as silly as that sounds. It's true. He played fifty eight percent of the snaps. That was the season high for them and i thought he looked good. I agree. I thought levy on also look good. We don't know when latavius moore is gonna come back and when he does come back. I'm not sure what that means. That shouldn't matter why well way way. Maybe it shouldn't matter it shouldn't matter but but in my redo no need to correct me. No no no but it but it might matter. It might matter right i you know. We don't know what they're gonna do. The was was i would say. They're number one guy before he got hurt. That fair to say and i. It was leading the run game. I would say by all atom asia as measurements their worst running back absolutely one hundred percent. Yeah and you know i. I didn't see him in of our winners or losers. But i would say similar win for eli mitchell. He only got eight carries. If you saw the box score well they only had nine running back carries nothing for jeff wilson one. I think for hasty so it was all mitchell. He also had some catches. So at least i five right now. Looks like he's still there number one guy. Maybe that changes as wilson gets a little healthier with that was dave. Who's the biggest loser of week. Nine the biggest loser of week nine. I'm gonna put it on. dj moore. Who i we. We we talked about it late in the week adam. We were nervous about what we were going to get out of them. Patriots forget about the patriots. Doing something to take him away. Sam darnold did a lot to take him away. Darnold was miserable. There's already chatter coming out of carolina that donald is gonna get benched. Matt rule talked about after the game.

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