Australian town overwhelmed by response to free land offer


An Israeli an outback town has been offering potential new residents a chance of Freeland's two weeks in the hundreds have already jumped at the chance the rule town of Quilpie made the offer in the hope of attracting new families to the area the town's chief executive Justin Hancock said the response exceeded expectations receive you know well I would probably two hundred fifty enquiries now we're still getting that ten to fifteen inquires it dies call came up with the idea of a concert I've become a housing shortage the quantum equipment to the price of a quarter acre of land well you would need to do is buy a block plans to build a house and live in it to six months in quarries came as far away as Britain India Hong Kong and New Zealand's bus home buyers need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents to qualify for the grants property prices have soared across Australia throughout the pens that make a city resident said through outlook temple more spacious homes in smaller towns I'm Karen Thomas

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