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Just wanted to remind you that on December 1st, 2021, my private coaching rates are going to go up and then on January 1st, 2022, I'm going to put a freeze on purchasing any private coaching sessions with me until at least April 1st, 2022. I'll honor any sessions purchased before January 1st, but my immediate goal is to put as much energy as I possibly can and do the CPG wolves, coaching for profits program. And if you are planning on finding a private coach sometime at next year, I'll be training and bringing on an associate coach to fill that void, just giving you a heads up. So now, without any further ado, I bring to you one of the most beloved and respected mindset and performance coaches in the world of Fokker. The great coach Bobby. Coach bauman. How you doing, sir? Great breath. Thank you so much. Just reminded me of that amazing first talk that we had when we went really deep into some personal stuff. I really enjoyed that. I always loved the opportunity to talk a little bit about politics and history and other interesting topics that might not relate to poker, but definitely this poker blaze out there really curious about certain topics like that. So I was really happy to be able to talk about that excited to do around too. Yeah, I mean, the thing is, you know, it's my show. And we talk about this stuff that I've addressed it in, right? Because first and foremost, I think the major priority for me because I know how I am, is it like, I've got to love something. And if I do love it, then I'm passionate about it. And when I'm passionate about it, I keep doing it. And when that passion kind of dies out and it becomes like a grind that I stopped doing it, right? So for this podcast, yeah, I think that's my guiding light. If I'm passionate about it, let's talk about it. Even if it we can figure out a way to tie it into poker to make it make sense at the end of the day. But first and foremost, let's talk about interesting stuff. And yeah, so what have you been up to? This is the first, the first question for the round two conversations. What have you been up to since our first go round? It's funny because it's a very interesting phase now that I'm in my life and in my company where getting on the cross votes of some couple of major decisions actually. The reason why I've got here was just working my balls off legitimately for the last year and a half. I got a whiff of business and I got a whiff of success, something that I described last time that I haven't had in my life ever before. And it was addictive and it was validating and it really forced me down this path of sacrificing everything to get more of that. And it has definitely done me well, a business wise personally as well. I think I've known myself and my Friends a lot more than before. But there's also, of course, other priorities in life that I definitely have been neglecting here and there. So like one what are we neglecting? Our relationship, for example, I would say definitely would think that I have to put me in more effort there. Just simple things like my cat. I really love that guy. And I just want to spend time with him to have a good relationship and not just be like, do strangers living in a house, you know, that see each other from time to time. It actually invests with playing and buying and stuff and, you know, you gotta date. You gotta coordinate with the cats, man. It's not that they work on their own schedule, so smoothly and cats are if you want a relationship with your cat, you're gonna have to take the energy of an investor. They're not gonna reach out to you, say, hey, I would like to be a cool pet for you, sir. You want me to call pat, you gotta make the move, buddy. Yeah, you gotta earn it. Definitely. Yeah. And I think all of those things like physical health, studying, self improvement, have been on the backboard and just because I got a whiff of success in business and it was super addicting and super validating. And just when down this path, and I snapped out of it, what a conversation with a friend a week ago, funny enough, who told me, I am actually really a shareholder in a company and we said I'm really happy for you. I'm actually very surprised with the growth and it's good. But you're going to kill yourself. You're not going to be able to keep this up. Let's be real, you know, you've got to be able to delegate a little bit more give some pass out and take care of yourself and do some fun stuff because you're not going to you're not going to make it. This is a long game, you know, coaching is not overnight success where you gonna finish up on an app or platform and going to be bought out for a $1 billion this is going to be a very long relationship building investing game where hopefully after a decade or two we are going to have a good bunch of relationships to rely on and solid business that you've built on top of them. So that's something that I had to come to terms with and accept that, okay, if this is going to be a long game, let's make some sacrifices and the business aspect of it. Except a more reasonable pace of growth. Yeah. It is addictive. And it's also tough. And it sounds simple to delegate, right? What I find is that the more I delegate, the more I realize that I've just created another job for myself and that's managing people to go on top of all the other things that I do. So sometimes even delegation is very overwhelming because managing human beings, that's why people are managers. That's why that's their only job is managing these people and coordinating logistically. So yeah, being a being a coach, being a business owner, being an entrepreneur, especially when you're an army of one or a handful is a lot of work. It requires a lot of energy. And the reality is that you only have so many hours in the day. And if you allocate 60 to a hundred hours a week every week into your business, well, there are things that suffer. You're taking from other relationships, other humans in your life, other hobbies, things that you love doing that you just, you can't do. And that's sort of the reality of it. And I think that that's, I guess, until you experience it, you kind of miss that when, you know, dreaming about being your own boss and running your own business. Smoothly.

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