Neil Parrott Talks About Campaign for Western Maryland Secession to West Virginia


Blue states like Maryland which have these blood red counties full of real genuine patriots and people who love liberty and their families and God and kneel there just tired of it man they're pissed off They're just like I've had enough of this communist crap Can we have a place where people can respect their civil liberties You're not going on a lot of doors in western Maryland The story was about them talking about seceding from the state into West Virginia and candidly Neil I don't blame him No Dan you've knocked on board two And I've heard it for all ten years that I've been a state delegate People are tired They would like to just be able to leave the state And now there is a proposal to go to Washington We're talking with the state Senate president in Washington and their Speaker of the House and they would like to have us there They're actually going to do a vote so we wrote a letter and said we'd like to go to West Virginia And it is the pent up frustration of not being represented from liberal analysis And really being just kicked to the side many issues but some of them are second in the rights We don't have good secular rights in Maryland but of course West Virginia does Taxes are way too high in Maryland compared to estrogen It was higher And stay here They wouldn't have to leave if we were part of West Virginia When you look at school they just passed thankfully the center of Patricia they have the most school choice Bill in the entire country right now We'd like to see that in western Maryland as well And of course the safety and schools when you look at what's happened to Virginia with this transgender people are boys are going to the girls bathroom in a salty people That can happen in Maryland We pass bills to allow that to happen But West Virginia doesn't do that And in fact they said if you're going to have girl sports biological boys not going to be allowed to compete to grow sports at West Virginia That are some of the things that people in western Maryland would like to

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