Breaking Down the Process of Election Decertification With Jenna Ellis


Let's talk about the other. Big news wendy roaches arizona. Senator senator with i think how many other ninety other politicians demanded these certification and talk to us about this idea of decertification vice. Reinstatement we said. Reinstatement not a goer. What is the significance of this phrase in. How realistic is it. Well it's realistic. As long as republicans have the political backbone in the political will to actually do something about it so well. Reinstatement was a political theory. That was kind of in my view. Outside the margins of the us constitution decertification is important because it is a legislative recognition through the actual constitutionally appointed entity to recognize and safe for the record. The certifications that happened in the swing states including arizona. Were false. they were based on information and facts. That were that we have said. Throughout since november third is not the accurate reflection of what the voters actually indicated. Or what happens then say arizona decides okay. This is enough abnormalities. Tens of thousands of votes that have potentially fraudulent if they decertify. Does that not then require if there's a requisite number of these certifications for a re meeting of the electoral college well. So that's one thing that can in in my opinion should happen. If you get at least three states to decertify. And basically joe biden falls below the two hundred seventy threshold. Then we are in the constitutional crisis of congress having to say. Hey listen we now are in the position that the the installed president didn't actually reach the threshold. So what should happen is it should go then to the. Us house of representatives like it would have pre-january sex. They vote by state delegation. And they have the in article one article two rather section one point six congress can in this instance vote by help house delegation and call for a new

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