'Woke' Media Fails to Ask NBA Coach About China


Com. Josh cross how are you and NBA fan? Somewhat. I mean, I kind of lost interest in the NBA when wizards don't make the playoffs at all. But yeah, I follow the NBA. I like basketball. Say you know, Popovich is allegedly this brilliant guy. He's very good basketball coach, but yesterday, Gruden gets fired from misogynistic homophobic emails and Popovich compares Columbus to Hitler and doesn't get asked a question about the genocide in China and the Uyghurs in his complicity in that. What's wrong with the NBA sports media? Well, not just the sports media, it's the leadership of the NBA, which I think they've suffered the most of all the four sports leagues because they got the most political, all the leaks of some extent have gotten more political than they once were, but the NBA really just like, I remember during the bubble season they put Black Lives Matter on the court. They let players offer their political takes on things left and right. And that's not a great place to be. We want one of the top roles of building a good team and effective team is that you're not divided by politics. You're one team and you don't talk about these issues that have nothing to do with the MBA. Popovich has a long history of offering his political takes. This becomes a no surprise to me that he says something like that. Well, I don't mind is giving his hot political takes, but if he's gonna give it take on Hitler, genocide, slavery in Columbus, somebody ought to ask him about the Uighurs and the ongoing genocide in China from which he profits yes and so much of sorry, someone should ask the silver and someone should ask a lot of the players who play in China, you know, what they think about that. Not so much more relevant, timely issue for the NBA, at least, but you're right, that there's sort of a double standard and you don't get the type of scrutiny. You're going to open everything up to politics. You might as well should be talking about issues that directly affect the NBA and the bottom line. And if you're going to hijack if you're going to hijack a basketball press conference to rant about Hitler in Columbus, you're going to get asked to China question if you have a real

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