CRFB, Rep. Jim Banks Break Down the Consequences of Democrats $5T Bill


The committee for a responsible federal budget found that the legislation cost as much as 4.91 trillion over ten years That's 5 trillion Congressman Jim banks who is very solid chairman of the Republican study committee's catalog many of the most radical policy So in addition to massive spending which will leave the further mass of inflation It's not the oil companies creating inflation ladies in general They couldn't do it if they wanted to It's the American Marxist Innovation killing socialist price controls the bill would institute government price setting of prescription drugs which are shown to be likely to lead the significantly decreased private investment in new cures page one 9 7 7 Funds Biden's banking surveillance apparatus The bill would spend half a $1 billion to hire new Department of Justice tax division agents to bring civil and criminal cases against Americans like you page 8 78 Remember was funding prohibition regarding Uyghur Muslims in China Democrats have removed a provision in the previous draft of the reconciliation bill Page one zero 8 two which prohibited any funding provided by the title on science based technology to award a contract subcontract grant alone to an entity involved with using the forced labor of the Uyghur Muslims and Xi Jiang province in China This would remove the protections Preventing taxpayer dollars from going to entities using Uyghur Muslim slaves in China

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