Keith Getty Describes New Album 'Confessio,' a Love Letter to His Irish Heritage


Book. But we're here to talk about your album. Tell us my friend. Confessio, this goes back to Irish American route. So you're in Nashville now, but you're from Ireland, and your wife is from Ireland. And talk and talk about the album, confessio, brand new album. Will you kindly interview us before sing global last year? We started the family him saying and did sing global all last year through the pandemic. And then we were honestly our heads were just fried. And so we went home for a year. So 7 days after 7 days after sing global, we flew home, 9 11. It's an easy day to remember, getting in a plane. On 9 11, we flew back to Ireland, and we stayed in Ireland for the whole year. Like John Lennox and C. S. Lewis and Allison McGrath and many other people who you know, we come from that tiny little north coast of Ireland and we spent the year there. And this album really is a love letter to that. You know, we, you know, we come from this place that Christianity is 17th centuries old that until the 1980s gave more missionaries per capita than any country in the world. South Korea and I give the most. And but also, but also this connection as you brought our four daughters who are all American citizens. He brought them back. We're all born in America. As he brought them back to their heritage and explained to them, here's been kind of donegal or John Newton's boat came in and he wrote, begun to write amazing grace. Here's here's where beat on my vision was written. And here's our culture and we began to realize that even as musicians that everything from country music to bluegrass to gospel songs to ship note hem the day to American and Appalachian music are all outgrowths of our own scotch Irish tradition that we have. And so this album was just really, I think it's a love letter to our

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