The Last Gasps of a Dying Regime


The regime has fallen apart. In the Biden White House right now, you have 24 staffers talking to CNN to try and derail and disempower the vice president of the United States. But I will say this that Kamala Harris has done something Joe Biden has never done. Well, she's done a lot of things. But we're not going to get into that in this show, but her approval rating is 28%. Joe Biden's 36%. So there might be some people in The White House say, you know why we're so unpopular, it's Kamala Harris's fault. In some ways, she might serve as an internal scapegoat because remember. Within the philosophy and the psychology that the flask within the psychology of a Democrat is to always blame another. For once problems always. This is critical to the existence of a left winger. Or of a liberal or a Democrat or whatever you want to call it. Instead of saying, huh? Maybe we should have armed the Taliban. Maybe we shouldn't have kept the borders wide open. Maybe people are mad about inflation. No, no, no. The same way that Alexander Kazakh says blames other people for climate change for dissatisfaction and happiness, the same sort of way that BLM incorporated blames systemic racism for injustice. The same sort of way is that Democrats have the muscle memory. They are programmed. They are led to believe that the only appropriate way to deal with adversity is to blame other people. Men if you are going through something difficult. If you are going through something that is less than satisfactory, there must be a suppressive force to blame for

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