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The Final Lap


The final lap with Carrie Murphy is on. 7 time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson spoke out in an in depth interview with Graham benziger recently, which you can find on YouTube amazing amazing interview, along with the major topics where his rocky relationship with crew chief Chad can house, his memorable crashes, including Watkins Glen, the fact that he gets car sick, he shows off his warehouse of racing memorabilia, including trophies, fire suits, Martinsville clocks, and the eye opening comments about the economics of NASCAR, including a statement that driver contracts are down 50% from when he was winning championships in 2015 for the top drivers. He says it's still a big number, however, and he thinks there is simply too much racing in NASCAR and says the schedule should be reduced to 25 to 28 races down from its 36 points paying events. Two Cup Series champions, chase Elliott and Kyle Larson are going to be racing in a you sack event and plaster ville speedway in California this week, the hangtown 100 will be Elliott's first crack at the track, and he'll be driving a car owned by Larson. The track, of course, is thrilled, saying quote, having the last two NASCAR Cup Series champions and action at the hangtown 100 is unprecedented. Beyond the lookout for a NASCAR next gen test going down this week to 17th and 18th, on Charlotte's 1.5 mile oval layout. I'm sure we're gonna have lots of stories coming from that. The final lap dot com.

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