A highlight from Happy Thanksgiving! Rapids fall short, the David Ochoa Show and Hany-4-MVP



Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. From New York, New York, you are listening to extra time, driven by continental tire from the AT&T 5G virtual studios I am major review with my partners in soccer. David goss, Charlie Davies, CD 9. I'm going to rip back the curtain. I'm not in New York City. I'm in my basement in Kansas City. I would have food coma in a food comb, man. I got the itis. It is Thanksgiving. We are with you. We're going to do our best here. You know? I had some red wine. Yes. Have I had seconds, maybe even thirds? Yes. Yes, but is it the brown liquor special? No. Yes. Yes. Oh man, I hope everybody out there is having a great day whether you celebrate or not, you're in north of the border, you don't add some people hit me up. Ollie tremblay among them legend in Montreal being like, hey man, it's regular Thursday for me. I mean, soup in my living room, we added a most game today for the first time. The Audi 2021 and most got playoffs, rolling right along, Colorado rapids, the one of the stories of the season hosting the Portland timbers couldn't get it done. Larry's mabiala, with the goal, scrappy one, he finds the moment he finds the opening. He finds the loose ball he pokes it in. One nothing, the Portland timbers are moving on, but they do so without Sebastian Blanco. Ah, that hamstring. And without for now, at least I run Esprit. Merritt Paulson tweeting that they're gonna go appeal this one to the independent review panel to see if they can reverse the violent conduct on that one. We shall see a Tuesday night, two other games you missed. We have one conference finalist. We have three more conference semifinals to go. How you guys feeling on this Thursday? What was the spread? Where are we at right now? What was the standout on the sides table the desert table? I was like, I don't know. Plus three minutes. Would you make? Would you contribute to your family's merrymakings? I contributed nothing because I was covering MLS today. And so that was established. I also took the train here. So I couldn't bring anything. Well, we brought drinks. But the number one thing in my household is we make a challah stuffing. Do you like rip up pure real challah, you toasted, then you get all the veggies going and it's like juicy on the inside, but like crunchy on the outside. It's the best thing that we have going on. Let me help you out here, Charlie and Dave already knows this. Paula French toast, if you're doing a regular bread if you're doing it with Texas toast, whatever. Everything is not as good as hollow French toast. That is the best. You have the braid, you have the unique shape. You have the nice sugar content to get yourself a good coloration from the butter. Just in case everybody out there needs a little bit of a hint in their French toast game as well as their stuffing game apparently. Yeah, it's so it's money. That's the number one thing for us, but and then everything else is fairly standard. I love a thanks. I know you've done your whole thing. I don't need to get back into it. I love Thanksgiving meal. It's my favorite. I love it too. I'm not a Turkey guy, though. You know what? I have not praised Mindy's Turkey with the vigor that I should have. It was a wonderfully moist delicious Turkey. And I'm so thankful to my wife for making that and providing our family without wonderful. I was like, moist. What, you want your dry Turkey, Charlie? Have you tried Turkey? It was dripping white. I mean, the guy gravy and stuff, man, don't worry about it. Yeah, my contribution today was entertaining the children. It was you stay out the kitchen 'cause I can't cook for my life and just keep the kids occupied. And so spend a lot of time outside, playing some tackle football, then we got the ball out doing some skills, one V ones. And then eat and I went in. And so when you talk about that food coma, the itis. I'm on that level right now. Before we get to the games and do what we can here on this Thanksgiving, again, hope you guys are having a great one at home wherever you are if you're not at home with friends and regardless of your day has been good. What's some of your thankful for this year? What's something that stands out to you in this little soccer world that we live in? And I'm not going to take the easy way out and be like, our listeners, I'm just so appreciative of everyone that you're going to go there at home. We are thankful for all of you. Yeah, yeah. I could go down a choa. We could go domino Cho. I'll get the double toe in a little bit, but I'll keep him out of that. Is there anything that stands out to you this year that just you know? Right? You guys know what I'm gonna say, right? I know Charlie's gonna say. One 800 ticket sales or whatever? You gotta come see the revs played this year. Nobody, he's thankful that the producers on the revs broadcast gave him that opportunity because nobody, nobody does those in game shows like Charlie does them. No, you only get one shot at getting your season

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