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The Bloomberg business of sports show where we explore the big money issues not that little tiny stuff The big money issues in the world of sports I'm Michael Barr And we're talking extra large money I'm Mike Lynn Bloomberg Carol Supersizing things You've heard that voice She has done so much here at Bloomberg She is going to continue our conversation now with New York islanders majority owner John ledecky plus the CEO of oakview group Tim leiweke together they open the new UBS arena this month in L mon New York and they sat down to discuss the new space with Bloomberg's Tim snatch Carol this show today how impressed were you with the new over here I was blown away I mean first of all you think about when you go to an arena or stadium right It's often lots of lines for a woman you're on a line to go to the bathroom They thought about this big time by putting a lot of women's bathrooms in there I mean Lindsay what do you like when you go to arena What are you looking for What's your typical experience Well since I'm from Boston like parking first It's very important They're very important The car too You nailed it though When you have to run to the men's room you don't want to walk out and see a Disney World type line Snaking around the hallway That's big to me too and also concessions I don't want to wait in line and miss a key moment of the game All right let's listen in to the next part of this conversation now Here's Carroll along with Bloomberg quick takes Tim instead of speaking with New York islanders majority owner John ladakhi plus the CEO of opioid group Tim Lewy at the brand spanking new UBS arena in elmont New York Now did I hear that you guys are going to be carbon neutral by 2024 too We are So I feel very very strongly that we're carbon neutral at climate pledge arena and a lot of the credit goes to Jeff Bezos and Amazon He really helped us figure that out We are actually now in the middle of creating a new company called goal and goal is going to go help every building figure out how they could be more sustainable And then we're going to come along and every year great and give them a certification process This industry we're not going to go solve the problem of global warming but we can inspire And that's what music and sports have always done There is no more important issue than that one And if we on the east coast could figure out a way to build an arena in New York and go carbon neutral That's going to have a huge impact on fixing this That's crucial because I think West Coast is easy People are kind of hard on the people don't understand that It's almost impossible to be carbon neutral in the east coast Why is it going to take two years from now to do that though Why couldn't you do that from the ground up So actually I was just talking to the governor about this So one we have to know where our energy comes from So the electricity we bring in the building has to be metered So then it's renewable energy Solar are wind in particular And unless the power company could ultimately tell us where that's coming from then we may be getting bad electricity For example So what we're working now with the state on this how we ultimately can qualify and quantify sustainable energy and power that we bring in here You've got to get rid of your gas So we have gas in this building We have no gas in the building at climate pledge arena We got to figure out a way to go use that You got to recycle your food every night and get it back to the food banks You got to go buy 80% of everything you're going to see in this arena that we serve is made in the region because then we limit transportation And then eventually people that are driving here we're going to have to get carbon credits ultimately to deal with the emissions of all of the cars that park here We'll have more power charging stations here A thousand Did I see Yeah it's actually quite remarkable that we're going to have You could take the fleet of electric vehicles at Laguardia and JFK overnight They'll come here and they'll charge up overnight Wow Working with a company called XL fleet Right symbol XL On NASDAQ Bloomberg radio I always wanted to do that John is going to be our third anchor

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