A highlight from TWiG 638: Princess Floppy Wrists - Pixel 6 debate, Icelandverse, Apple self-repair program, investing in people


This week in Google, the show where we cover the Google versus my buddy ant prote sitting right next to me from hands on photography. It's no nice to have somebody in the studio, anybody. Just to keep me company. And I'm so glad to be here. I'm thrilled to have you. John and Burke are like, what are we chopping? Yeah, exactly. That's fine. But they've been with me. They've been with me for two years. I'll take them. Wow. No, I don't. There's other people around too, but sitting next to me at the table is really nice. Also, Stacey, and I wish Stacey you were sitting next to me at the table, but far away in Seattle is good to have you. Stacey higgin bought them. Stacy on IoT dot com. It's always my preference to have people in the studio if possible. No doubt. Just not always possible. Unfortunately. I don't know. The wave got that table set up so low. I don't think it's too high now. Do you have big thighs like ant? Thighs. No, see, it's all the way down. I've learned how to sit over here next to you. I have apparently very narrow size. There's no claim a little bit, so my quads aren't contracted. This is the relax your quads, Joe. That's Jeff Jarvis right there. Wait a minute. Do you have the jingle ready? He is the Leonard tau professor for journalistic innovation at the. Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig. School of journalism at the city university of New York. That's literally what they mean when they say you don't have to make a big production out of it. That's literally what they're talking about. We made a big production out of it. I'm surprised. This is not this shouldn't be your lead story, but I'm going to make it at least story. They are renaming the Staples Center, which is the big, beautiful. You know what it is right in LA? That's where who plays there. That's the Lakers Lakers. What was it called before was a Staples Center? It's always been the same. Since they did it. They built it before that they had to go to the forum. Was it the paper clip center before that? That would be okay. They've rebranded it. Staples has given up their branding to crypto dot com arena. That's crazy. Now we know we are living in the future. You know, we got the money up front. But at the same time, cryptocurrencies all over F one. And you know how much money is going

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