Pastor Mark Driscoll: 'Everything That God Creates, Satan Counterfeits'


I believe everything that god creates satan counterfeit so i believe that critical theory. And that's what we're writing about is the opposite or the counterfeit of christian theology. And so what happens is within critical theory. We're basically good and we're getting better. The bible says were bad and getting worse the bible says that there are unchangeable fixed laws. That come from god. Critical theory says that there is no such thing as law and it's contingent and dependent upon each individual and culture and in christian theology. You own your own failures. Your personal sins in your shortcoming in critical theory. It's not personal. It's systemic the victim of various systems that have oppressed you so rather than repenting of your sin and changing your life. You attack other people and turn yourself into the victim and all of a sudden. You're jesus and you're the good one and they're judas. they're the bad one. And so in the name of justice your job is to attack dismantle everything they say and we see this with canceled culture. We see this with throttling and we see that in the end. Cancel culture is the counterfeit of the crucifixion. We believe that jesus got crucified. Now we ended up crucifying people in their careers and their reputations and christianity. You're supposed to be born again. The counterfeit in critical theory is your welk. and so. that's the counterfeit of being born again. I mean everything is just a counterfeit. What i'm saying is critical. Theory is a cult. It is a new. Demonic religion ideology that has taken over every spirit of academia and culture. And those who would claim to be christian and seek to reconcile these two things are responsible for a massive generational apostasy in the name of tolerance diversity open-mindedness inequality and it's just all misery and it's all just simply

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