San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich Rambles About Columbus Day


One happy Columbus day No it's not indigenous Americans They it's Columbus day Columbus what do we know about Columbus Gregg Popovich is a nut job and a basketball coach and not a very good one For the Antonio spurs San Antonio at a press conference on Friday on Christopher Columbus is a particularly in football and basketball There are no nothings seem to pretend that they know everything Here he is hat tip rumble cut to go I think the proclamation was obviously appropriate needed and all those sorts of things but I'm a little confused about our city And why it's indigenous people's day slash Columbus day Columbus I mean he initiated a new world genocide that's what he did And beginning with him and what he said in motion what followed that the annihilation of every indigenous person and Hispaniola which was Haiti and the Dominican Republic today That's what he did He took slaves he mutilated He murdered And we're going to say slash in honoring well I got to give the San Antonio independent school district a little bit of credit because at least they added indigenous peoples along with it And that's a step in the right direction But what the hell is Alamo heights thinking It's Columbus day That's why they're off On Monday

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