Cleveland Browns, Nfl Sees High Number of COVID Cases


The number one story in the world is a crime. And the good news remember my four square box. Every virus variant is either more or less transmissible than delta. And it's either deadlier or less deadly than delta. It turns out aron is far more transmissible. That doggone thing is moving fast. And a lot of people are getting in and half the browns have got it. Like 8 browns one on the COVID list. They should not play that game, by the way. They should cancel the NFL games where teams can not play because that's not the product we're paying season ticket prices for. That's a product where three members of your offensive line are out and the browns. Baker Mayfield could get killed, and he should sue the league if that's the case. I mean, I love backups for one player to play. And the browns have the best offensive line coordinator in the world and Bill Callahan. It's the fans key is unflappable. He'll put together a plan. But I mean, 8 players together COVID. So it's going everywhere. The browns are looking around and saying, did you guys not get your booster shot? You know, you got to get your booster shot. They're playing in the season. They're 95% vaccinated. They're not scoff laws. I don't know what Kevin and I are Irving ever ended up Kyrie Irving ever updated. But let me try that one. I don't know what Kyrie Irving ever ended up doing. How's that? But it doesn't matter. This virus is going to break out. People are going to get it. I'm flying on an airplane today. I'll have a mask on. If I get it, I'll be fine because I've had two vaccines and a booster and I'll be out for two days. That's really what it's not a problem. It's the original deal. It's a bad deal if you're not vaccinated. I mean, it's a very rolling with the dice. Run out and get your vaccination quickly if you're not, because it's going to be a punishing way, according to the CDC, come January.

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