Mainstream Media Ignores Massive Migrant Caravan Heading to US Border


Right now there is a multi thousand person caravan heading straight for our country, right to the southern border. Between all the mainstream activist networks ABC, NBC CBS CNN MSNBC, zero, mentions on their morning show. This morning that there is a multi thousand person caravan heading for the southern border. Let's go to cut 40 build illusion reporting on how migrants are hiding in cars on trains on their way to San Antonio high cut 40. What you're looking at are Texas state troopers finding 19 illegal immigrants hiding inside of brand new cars that were inside of a train being shipped to the San Antonio area. You can see the troopers looking at those migrants panning up and down Texas DPS pulled 5 other single adult males off of this train arrested them as well. They are all going to jail as well. Again, they are not being handed over to border patrol. And now cut 25, Fox shows how many Texas has deployed the state National Guard as caravans gather in Mexico, heading for Texas, play cut 25. What you're looking at is the Texas National Guard deploying to the area in and around the Del Rio international bridge. Why are they doing this? Because they've seen that migrant caravan that's on the way to the United States as we speak. Texas governor Greg Abbott says he is not going to allow another Del Rio situation to happen like we saw with the Haitians last month. He is pre deploying resources out there as a Shoal force to say if the federal government isn't going to secure that area, the state of Texas will step up. We will fill that void, and they are sending a message to that caravan saying, you will not be allowed to enter Texas. Texas is learning from their lesson of the last lesson I should say are their mistake where they allowed Haitians just to walk right into the state of Texas with almost no one stopping

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