Why Does Gen Z Believe Leftist Garbage?


Welcome back to one on one with me, Sebastian, and amala E. So, you are at the forefront. You are probably the newest national personality for this amazing institution that is pragya university. Will you tell us a little bit about first because you're in the trenches? Will you tell us why? Generates, what are you Generation Z, what are you? Yeah, I am. Okay. So why does Gen Z? Believe all this garbage. Break it down for us. Is it just the schools or tell us how they believed what you believed? I think it's a multitude of things. I think schooling is really important. I think that's a big part of it now, although it wasn't such a big part of it when I was younger, but the rise of CRT, critical race theory and DEI, diversity equity and inclusion is particularly putting young people at risk to believe this sort of ideology. But I think more so than that. It's social media and mainstream media. What they do is they pull these emotional stories. I'll talk about it in my case, things like tamir rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, the police brutality narrative. I was inundated with that narrative by mainstream media and by social media. And of course, you hear these harrowing stories of abuse. And so you'll like a post talking about how Michael Brown was shot and killed for being black and suddenly that's all you see on your social media feeds. And the big tech overlords are cognizant of that. They're pushing this sort of ideology to young people and everybody on their platforms. So I was getting it from social media. I was getting it from mainstream media. And then I had the brilliant combination of also getting it from my mother at home. And it didn't matter how successful I was as a young black female. I went through school. I was valedictorian of my high school. I worked a job after school. I started my own club at school. I got all these scholarships. I was inquired by Yale to go to Yale. And yet you would have asked me and I would have told you, I'm a press because I'm a black woman in America. And it's because these emotional stories that do not speak to a larger truth or a larger systemic pattern are so pervasive and they're able to cut through actual logic and reason when it comes to young

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