Caller Talks About Liberals Not Understanding Biden's Tax Plan


Kind of talk to you about the whole tax bill crap going on right now at the IRS I got people I work with I work for the big chain publics and which by the way they are great great Super Mario I love publics And I'm in Florida They are terrific These people that talk about socialism man I mean if there was a thing socialism at work there would be public Cell phone part you know company and all But besides that besides that I mean I work with people that just are die hard die hard Biden fans and I just don't understand it and they're talking about the IRS bill that it's like we gotta tax the 1% But I'm telling them it's us It's us that their tax you know that you want to try garage sale or something like that Exactly Exactly Just discussing people are now more and more people have a mindset They deserve freebies And that it's only fair that they get freebies from people who make more money than they do Regardless of what those people are done to make more money Maybe they've come up with certain inventions that are crucial to life Or whatever it is and so what the Democrat party is all about again is Creating a situation where there's constant

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