The Media Wants You to Believe Five People Died on January 6th


8 one one What's particularly obnoxious about linz chaney and what she's doing Is when her father came under vicious attack Claims were made that he had been lying about weapons of mass production in Iraq and that he just wanted to go to war in Iraq things of this sort You recall Well I didn't believe those were true did you I didn't believe those were true and most of us of course defended him But what I'm saying here is Should there been a special committee set up by the Democrats with her father being subpoenaed With George W. Bush being subpoenaed The column power being subpoenaed And others And their staffers They talk about 5 people who died on January 6th 5 people didn't die on January 6th One person was killed on January 6th and that was a young woman who was a veteran In a Trump supporter she was shot for no apparent reason And of course the individual who shot her has been celebrated as so brave and so forth he shot her dead and cold blood Now others would pass away from various maladies having nothing to do with any direct nexus to what took place that day But the media want you to believe otherwise

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