Youngkin Beats McAuliffe in Virginia Poll as Education Fight Defines Campaign


Here, the Virginia governor's race is quickly tightening. The Virginia governor's race is statistically tied in a new poll actually shows that Terry mcauliffe is losing and the Republican challenger is winning. These polls can be all over the place, but we've been keeping our eye in the Virginia governor's race, and we just did a massive event in Virginia. We had 3000 people show up in loudon county, Virginia, new poll alert, according to the university of Mary Washington, now Connor, that's not some right wing. Institution, right? That's not as if it was, you know, let's say Donald Trump organization doing the poll or whatever, right? Okay. So it says that young kin is leading in the polls with 48%, mcauliffe 43%. What is the RealClearPolitics average? Now show. That's always very interesting to look at. But the number one issue the number one issue as to why all of a sudden, the Virginia governor's race has been flipped upside down is schools. New polling shows that parents of K through 12 children. That means suburban women, and fathers, in Virginia, 56% of them want a Republican governor I can't imagine that this is not a recipe for victory for the Republican. Virginia has become a blue state Virginia has become a place that Republicans used to dominate and because of the growth of the kingdom of Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia in loudoun county and fairfax county in particular, these races have just been so frustrating and seemingly untouchable. But because of the new rise of the mom and dad showing up to school board meetings, we are now seeing a backlash and response politically that is profound and that it's

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